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A Digital Merger: Warehouse Management and Asset Control

Updated: Jun 27

November 17, 2023 — “I’m pleased to announce the availability of SmartSITE Digital Warehouse™ version D1.21,” said Booth Kalmbach, Trilliott CEO. “SmartSITE Digital Warehouse is the industry’s first warehouse management system to use RAIN RFID, the most prevalent IoT technology worldwide, for all functions throughout including receiving, palletizing, put away, picking, and shipping.”

Kalmbach added, “In this release we focused on many new SmartSITE features for users, including performance and usability. Also, we completed the integration of SmartSITE Digital Asset Control™ to manage the entire lifecycle of high value inventory and assets tagged with RAIN RFID, another industry first.”

An early adopter of SmartSITE Digital Warehouse, Alfred Williams & Company is the second-largest distributor of MillerKnoll office furnishings in the USA. “After implementing SmartSITE two years ago, the real-time visibility it provides into our warehouse operations has allowed us to make informed decisions, minimize errors, and optimize our inventory management,” stated Sean Edmiston, Director of IT at Alfred Williams & Company.

“This software release delivers inventory search results six times faster, with new search filters making it easier to find inventory on demand,” says Edmiston. “More importantly, the integration of Digital Asset Control is critical to winning new accounts.”

In addition to office furnishings, Alfred Williams & Company provides managed services covering the entire lifecycle of high-value assets. A Managed Service Provider (MSP), that has an existing enterprise customer base, can add new lines of business by leveraging SmartSITE to introduce its customers to the Digitally Managed Asset.


Trilliott SmartSITE™ is an RFID-first warehouse management and supply chain service for businesses to digitize high-value, high-demand inventory and assets, improve accuracy and control, secure and analyze transactions, and manage asset lifecycle.​

Media Contact:

Franklin Kalmbach

Product Manager

Trilliott, Inc.



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