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Fall 2023 RAIN RFID Industry Update

Updated: Mar 18

October 17, 2023 — The past few months have seen remarkable RAIN RFID traction. Walmart now tags high-end goods on the shelf with RFID. UPS now tags commercial shipments with RFID. Chipotle and McDonalds now tag their cold chain with RFID. Walmart supplier mandates coupled with success stories like these are driving exceptional RAIN RFID usage.

Furthermore, industry surveys from Zebra Technologies and RAIN Alliance as summarized here indicate the continued rapid growth of RAIN RFID over the next five years. RFID chip and inlay manufacturers already have made the capital commitments to increase production to meet these volumes.

To date, RAIN RFID has been deployed predominantly by big corporations spending tens of millions coding their own software. The demand for RAIN RFID over the next five years cannot be met by the next wave of adopters coding their own. But today the availability of RFID software from independent software vendors (ISVs) is meager.

Trilliott's SmartSITE™ software platform fills the RFID software gap by delivering SaaS for the principal RFID uses cases: Digital Warehouse Management, Digital Supply Chain, Digital Asset Control, and Digital Factory.


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