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Alfred Williams & Company and Trilliott Partner for Digital Warehouse Management Services

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

November 1, 2022 — Alfred Williams & Company and Trilliott have partnered to improve warehouse management by digitizing inventory using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). RFID adoption is accelerating — this year over 34 billion RFID tags will be consumed mostly in tracking 20% of global retail volume — sparking RFID mandates not only in retail, but in industry and government.

Alfred Williams & Company uses Trilliott's SmartSITE DWMS™ software to tag inventory as it is received, then automate inventory management through all warehouse operations with RFID instead of barcode and spreadsheets.

"Using SmartSITE DWMS in our warehouses increases accuracy and saves labor," stated Sean Edmiston, Director, Alfred Williams & Company. "Furthermore, SmartSITE allows us to wrap advanced services around corporate assets to better manage them, both in the warehouse and at the customer site."

Alfred Williams & Company is a Certified MillerKnoll dealer, with the most comprehensive set of dynamic design brands in the industry, and the technology to manage the entire life cycle of high-value corporate furnishings. A leader in workplace strategy, placemaking, office furnishings and pre-constructed solutions, Alfred Williams & Company has grown to be one of the largest MillerKnoll Dealers in North America. The size and the strength of its partner relationships gives Alfred Williams & Company the capacity to deliver projects of any size and scope to clients throughout the United States.

Trilliott is software-as-a-service for enterprises to digitize their supply chain, warehouse, and asset management using RFID. Trilliott focuses on industrial and corporate sectors with its SmartSITE software — an RFID execution platform that offers a single point of control for inventory and asset operations. SmartSITE DWMS is an RFID-first warehouse management system (WMS) where all warehouse workflows are optimized for RFID — an industry first.

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