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Trilliott Announces SmartSITE DWMS

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

October 4, 2022 -- Trilliott is pleased to announce the availability of Trilliott SmartSITE DWMS™, an RFID-first digital warehouse management system (WMS) where all warehouse workflows are optimized for RFID -- an industry first.

SmartSITE DWMS runs on mobile and overhead RFID scanners to tag inventory it is received, then control inventory through all warehouse operations: palletization, job scheduling, put away, transfer, picking, packing validation, shipping, cycle counts, and audits.

Trilliott is software-as-a-service for enterprises to digitize their supply chain, warehouse, and asset management using RFID. Trilliott focuses on industrial and corporate sectors with its SmartSITE software -- an RFID execution platform that offers a single point of control for inventory and asset operations.


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