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Supply Chain Management

SmartSITE for Supply Chain is a software service for industry providing precise control of received inventory and suppliers' finished goods inventory. SmartSITE enables both suppliers and purchasers to reduce inventory costs, square footage, and freight while improving delivery and customer satisfaction.


​By combining cloud dashboards and mobile RFID scanning, SmartSITE controls inventory in real time at high levels of accuracy​, and reduces labor. Utilize blockchain to authenticate consigned inventory transactions.

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Work Space Control

SmartSITE for Work Spaces is an asset control service for dealers of corporate furnishings and work space solutions. SmartSITE automates warehouse operations and creates new customer service opportunities.


SmartSITE provides centralized visibility of assets across the customer enterprise in both warehouse and customer site locations​.

​By combining cloud dashboards and handheld RFID scanning, SmartSITE controls inventory in real time at high levels of accuracy​, and reduces labor.

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Warehouse Management

SmartSITE for Warehouse is an RFID-first warehouse management system. By implementing both cloud-based dashboards and mobile RFID scanning, SmartSITE digitizes warehouse inventory to operate simultaneously on sets of materials and on unit-level assets.


SmartSITE provides all basic warehouse management tools. SmartSITE's RFID features enable ganged receipts and put-away, unit-level picking, pallet and truckload shipment validation, and the capability to "find a lost part" to protect on-time deliveries.

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Medical Clinic Deployment

SmartSITE for Clinics is a fast, accurate solution for rapid deployment of new COVID-19 community clinics to any location, from re-missioned cafeterias and gyms to field hospitals.


SmartSITE for Clinics is targeted for U.S. hospitals, integrating RFID tracking, blockchain, and logistics nationwide.

Improve deployment speed and accuracy of DME and consumables like PPE and test kits. Maintain chain of custody of test kits with blockchain.

Doctor's Office
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