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APK Installation Instructions
  • Uninstall the previous Trilliott SmartSITE app

  • With the My Files app, search for "Installation file"

    • Delete all "com.trilliott.smartsite.apk" files

  • Browse with Chrome to

    • Sign in with password "trilliott4u"

    • Tap DOWNLOAD for "Trilliott SmartSITE for Android..."

    • Wait for the download to begin

    • Tap OK to “keep com.trilliott.smartsite.apk”

    • Wait for the download to complete

  • Tap "Open com.trilliott.smartsite.apk"

    • As prompted change settings to allow installation

    • Tap Install “to install this application”

    • Wait for “App installed” and tap Open

  • Sign in with your credential

    • Reprovisioning will commence

    • Wait for completion and tap "Continue"

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