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Is Your Supply Chain Broken?

Digitize Now -- Unlock Your Supply Chain & Warehouse

Trilliott SmartSITE™ is an RFID-first supply chain and warehouse management service for businesses to digitize high-value, high-demand inventory and assets, improve accuracy and control, secure and analyze transactions, and manage asset lifecycle.

In the digital transformation of the enterprise, inventory and assets are the final frontier. Using Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), SmartSITE captures every thing, uniquely identifies each thing, and executes application workflows for things.

Expedite receiving, put-away, picking, and shipping. Identify tote contents by location and direction while in motion. Conduct physical counts and audits by just walking around.

Material Tracking

Trace material from site storage to assembly to staging areas. Know the identity, quantity, and location of inventory with unprecedented accuracy. Analyze inventory flow.

Asset Control

Track the lifecycle of high-value assets from purchase to obsolescence. Kit together bills of material and validate completeness. Engage with the real-time status of assets.

Supply Chain

Get control of your inventory costs when you know the hourly status of your supply chain. Automatically snapshot inventory as it transits your suppliers, and key it to the blockchain.  

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